How to Make Friends in the Adoption Community

Like most people entering the world of adoption, I came in looking like a deer in the headlights. I knew nothing other than the fact that we were hoping to adopt. I wasn’t sure where to start or what the process looked like. I spent a lot of time on the computer, Googling adoption laws, agencies, attorneys, and any other information I could get my hands on. I was educating myself on the topic, but as you can imagine, I had a lot of questions and no one to turn to for answers.

As our journey progressed, I felt very blessed to have people come into my life who were more educated than I was, and who were willing to point me in the right direction. They were my sounding board when I needed a sympathetic ear, and my saving grace when I experienced fear, impatience, and discouragement.

Having friends in the adoption community is a source of strength. The complexities of adoption can be difficult for family and friends to understand, especially if your journey is the first adoption journey they have been a part of. Making friends who are traveling the adoption path along with you, or who have already finished the course, can bring hope, comfort, and understanding . . . things all adoptive and hopeful adoptive parents need. They KNOW. When you talk, they nod in solidarity. They get it and just hearing that someone else breathes “Yes” when you bare your heart can give you the strength to keep moving. But, how do you meet people like you? Here are some ideas that worked for me.

Making friends in the adoption community can require you to step outside of your comfort zone and show a little vulnerability, but don’t be afraid! Do it. You will be able to bond with some wonderful people, share your discouragements and successes with people who can relate to what you are going through, and find the inspiration to keep moving forward.



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