How to Support Your Sister Through Her Hopes to Adopt

One of my most tender memories surrounding our adoption experience was the time I spent at my sister’s house waiting for Interstate Compact paperwork to go through. Our son was born in California, which was not our home state, and lucky for me, he was born about an hour away from where my sister and her family lived. They graciously opened their home to me and my new son; my teenage nephew moved out of his bedroom and allowed me to overtake it with baby things. My sister and her husband were ever-supportive, loving, and did all they could to make our time there comfortable. They even offered to take the baby for a night so I could get a full night’s rest. When the time came for me to take my son and go home, I cried out of gratitude for all of her love and support. Words couldn’t even express my appreciation.

If your sister is hoping to adopt, you are in a unique position to lend support. However, when you are not involved in the world of adoption, it can seem strange and foreign. It is hard to understand the roller coaster of emotions that take place during the process. You may feel a little lost and helpless, wondering how to best love and support your sister who is hoping to adopt. Here are a few ways to let her know you are there for her.

While she is waiting:

After she is matched:

After placement:

But, what if an adoption fails?



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