How Proposed Changes To International Adoption Agency Accreditation Will Affect The US

I just read the proposed regulatory changes to international adoption accreditation within the United States and I have two thoughts:

  1. Working for the actual Secretary of State is SO much less exciting than working for Tea Leoni on Madame Secretary.
  2. Everything is easier if you never read the comments.

Here’s a quick rundown of the proposed changes:

“Where institutions can collect large fees for the care of a particular child, an incentive may be created to recruit children into institutions, while also providing a disincentive for expeditious processing of an adoption. These practices substantially increase the costs of adoption for prospective adoptive parents, and may result in a situation where an adoptive family pays for long-term care of a child who is not in fact eligible for intercountry adoption.”

All in all, I think that the proposed regulatory changes are a step in the right direction toward ethical, informed, native-family-first adoption practices. And I think that government regulatory writers need a raise and a gift basket.



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