Adoptive Parents: It’s OK to say ‘No’ to Adoption Opportunities

I’ve been a mom for over six years, and I’ve been in the adoption community for almost eight years. When we were waiting to adopt for the first time, every single opportunity we had to be shown to expectant parents felt like a Possibility—with a sparkly, mega, capital P. However, as the years went on and we gained experience and education, we learned that not all adoption opportunities should be our possibility.

When you are new to adoption, especially when you are waiting for your first child, you are likely tempted to say “yes” to adoption opportunities against your better judgment. You are desperately waiting to be called “Mom” or “Dad” by a child, to tote around a diaper bag or decorate a nursery, to send out adoption announcements to loved ones. However, no matter how long you have been waiting to become a parent, there are some valid reasons to say “no” to certain adoption opportunities, including:

When presented with possible adoption opportunities, please do the following:



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