Serious About Adoption? Please Make Sure!

There’s a reason that the person doing your home study might seem a little nosy. Matching children to the right parents is essential. If you’re hoping to adopt, but your motives are not quite right, it could be devastating to a child placed in your care—and to you.

It seems outrageous, but horrible things really do happen. One of those horrible things is re-homing. Sadly, way too often, hopeful parents adopt a child only to decide that the situation isn’t working out. The child is relinquished . . . AGAIN . . . and one can only imagine the trauma and serious psychological damage the child gets heaped upon him/her. To avoid falling into a negative adoption situation that could result in trauma of any kind to the child, ask yourself and your partner the following questions:

For the majority of adoptive parents, just like the majority of parents with biological children, the adoption of a child is a beautiful, sacred experience. The family is better off, and there is great joy associated with this precious event. But just like with biological families, adopted children can test you to your limits. All children do. When you’re prepared with your whole soul to parent the child you are blessed with, the experience will be magical to the degree that you work to make it so.