Sports Participation

We have all heard the statistics regarding children involved in sports: how kids in sports are less likely to be involved in drugs, or that girls are less likely to get pregnant. There are additional benefits particular to older adopted children that should not be overlooked.

All of these lessons for our children are based on putting your child into settings with positive, caring, supportive coaches. Unfortunately, there have been incidents of parents and coaches being antagonistic, mean, and even violent. If you’re planning to put your child into a sport, find out about the options in your town. What does the governing body of the organization say is their philosophy about their sport? Visit some games in the previous season before you plan to sign your child up. What words are the coaches using with the kids? Are the parents enthusiastic and supportive? What about the kids; are they having fun?

We all want to help our children become the best they are capable of. Participating in sports can provide them with one avenue for meeting their full potential.
Written by: Susan M. Ward, an older child adoption specialist, provides parent coaching and resources for adoptive families. Susan’s training has focused on adoption issues relating to attachment, grief, and parenting. She’s also the adoptive parent of a child healed from RAD (reactive attachment disorder).