‘Why Is My Skin a Different Color Than Yours?’

When describing my family, I often use the word “eclectic.” I am white. My husband is half Filipino. Our biological children are ¼ Filipino and ¾ white; their skin tones range from very olive to just a tad darker than mine. Our youngest son is black. We have a lot of differing shades of skin tone happening at our house and it’s not something we shy away from discussing. It makes our family unique and is something we are proud of.

But for others, discussing differences in skin color can feel awkward. Transracial adoption has become increasingly common, and many parents will be having conversations about skin color with their children. So, what do you say when your child asks, “Why is my skin different than yours?” Here are a few ideas.

When having these discussions with your child, the ultimate goal is to build confidence in who they are. Your child’s race is very important and should never be ignored or swept aside. It should be celebrated. Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

Have you had this discussion with your children? We would love to hear your thoughts!