Will I Bond With My Child Instantly?

One of the biggest concerns potential adoptive parents have is “What if the baby and I don’t bond?” We are so intent on the blessing and joy that we are sure will come from placement that it seems almost selfish to think about what might go wrong once the party ends and we are left alone, a new family full of strangers. There is a wealth of information about postpartum bonding, depression, and what is and isn’t “normal,” but less resources are available to adoptive parents. Fortunately, there are some surefire tricks to instituting attachment for newborns and infants that will help proactive parents.

But what if Mom or Dad does all of those things, baby looks adorable and attached and we…still don’t feel it? What then?

Did you feel attached and bonded right away? How long did it take? Did it vary from adoption to adoption? Let me know in the comments!