Adoption By The Numbers Study | 75% Decrease In International Adoptions

According to the recently released Adoption By The Numbers from the National Council for Adoption, there has been a significant decrease in international adoptions. In fact, since 2007 there have been 75% fewer adoption of foreign children by American families. What does that statistic tell us? There are a variety of factors influencing this decrease, including:

And so what can be done? Every child is important and every child needs love, care, and family. The National Council for Adoption is one of many organizations that is advocating for all children, writing, “NCFA is committed to remaining a prominent, proactive and effective voice for all children all over the world in need of families. We will continue to call the U.S. Government and the international child welfare community to account, and encourage them to work to better ensure that intercountry adoption remains a viable solution for those children who will likely not see their right to a family fulfilled in their country of birth.”

As individuals, we can urge our own government to work together with other countries in a way that will bring about the best good for children throughout the world.