10 of the Best Adoption Books to Read With Your Children

Our first placement, in April 2011, was a one-month-old baby girl. She was so tiny and had a pretty hectic schedule—occupational, physical, and speech therapy, developmental specialists, visitation, and court dates. Being our first parenting experience, it was obviously a huge adjustment. So, six weeks later, we did what any reasonable, sane person would do in our situation: we added two-year-old twins to the mix.

Life with three kids under three was like a crazy, messy, never-ending dream. It was beautiful and emotional and sometimes really confusing. And in the middle of it all, all of the appointments and chaos, there was a lot of bonding to be done in our insta-family. And what better way to bond as a family than to snuggle up with a good book? Of course with small children, this is often easier said than done, but I worked hard early on to make this daily practice a priority.

My children all came to us through foster care, and while I am always looking for great books for our collection about foster adoption, we have many titles that explore private adoption and international adoption as well. I love exploring all types of adoption and letting it open a conversation about how

Our kiddos are a bit bigger now (and there’s even a fourth one, because we like to keep things interesting around here), but one of our favorite things is still to huddle up at the end of the day and read a book together. And anytime they choose one of our beloved adoption books, my heart does leaps. It’s such a perfect way to celebrate them, keep the adoption conversation a part of our daily life, and start a discussion about anything specific that might come up.

Of course, each family and every kid is different. Certain things that work for us might be triggering for someone else, and vice versa. As with all potentially sensitive topics, I would recommend previewing each book carefully before sharing it with your child. There’s nothing worse than starting a story and realizing in the middle that it really isn’t a good choice for your specific situation. A little planning goes a long way!