5 Bible Verses That Can Lift You Up During the Adoption Process

During times of trial, it is common to lean on family, friends, and our faith. Sometimes, however, there are times when we feel so alone and that no one can truly understand how we feel. Or, perhaps we’re just embarrassed to share how we truly feel. In those times, nearly 84% of the world population will somehow go to their faith for answers. For Christians, many will turn to the Bible.

As a Christian myself, I have found great comfort in many of the verses I’ve read. I am reminded that I am not alone, that there is a greater purpose than the pain of the “momentary” trial, that I have reason to hope. It doesn’t make the pain of loss or uncertainly go away all the time, but it does lift the burden that weighs on my heart. And ultimately, it does help me feel happier through my adoption journey, enjoying each moment and recognizing there is value in each experience I have.

Though there are many that have helped me during times of fear, impatience, hopelessness, and sadness, here are 5 that have helped me keep things in perspective and that also remind me . . . I am not alone.