5 Children’s Books That Tell the Child I Placed How I Feel About Him

To me, the written word has always been a beautiful canvas for artwork. Whether it’s my own words, or the words of someone else, the interpretation that can come from reading and writing can touch the souls of people in a way that is difficult for other mediums to do. Of course, that’s the point of all art, to reach the artist and audience in a unique way. Written words have always meant more to me than other things, so when I placed my son for adoption, I found myself looking to books and music for my grieving process. As we approached our first holiday season, I knew I wanted to give him a book that would tell him how I feel about him. The tradition has continued through the years. Here are a few books that are my favorite.

(Please bear in mind that these suggestions should be approached with caution. Ensure that the adoptive couple is comfortable with this type of openness. I’m blessed in that my couple is not only gracious in encouraging these gifts, but they help my birth son to enjoy them. But I was sure to ask them before bringing these into my birth son’s life.)