6 Adoption Memes and Why They Might Be Hurtful

Briefly scroll through your social media feed, and you will surely find someone sharing a meme—a photo with a funny or inspiring quotation shared repeatedly via the internet. A meme might be silly, goofy, serious, or thought provoking.

When it comes to adoption—a complicated process with lots of big feelings—an internet meme often misses the mark. I am not quick to take offense (and neither should you), but these are just a few things to keep in mind about how certain quotations or phrases could be hurtful—to adoptees and biological parents in particular.

We all perceive things differently depending on our role in adoption, so rather than being an exhaustive and definitive analysis, I hope this might provide some tools to look at these sentiments from a different perspective.

What are some of your favorite quotations or memes about adoption? Are there any you find particularly cringeworthy, and why?