7 Tips To Improve Your “Dear Expectant Parent” Letter

Any hopeful adoptive parent will agree: the most stressful part of putting together your profile is the “Dear Expectant Parent” letter. This is your time to introduce yourself as a person or a couple. Depending on your agency, you may get a paragraph or a page, but no matter the length it’s difficult to condense your thoughts into the space. Parents who choose adoption for their children are as varied as the hopeful parents wanting to adopt, and when we wrote our letter the first time, I had no idea what we should say to both show ourselves in the most realistic light, and to stand out from the other couples at our agency. Now that we’re going through the adoption process a second time, I feel much more confident as we prepare to write a new letter. Here are some dos and don’ts that I’ve observed over the past few years of being in the adoption community.