Beautiful Open Adoption Moments from the Holidays

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year. Not only is everything covered in twinkling lights and magic, but it’s a time when we make the extra effort to be near those we love. For our family, this includes our son’s birth parents. We were lucky enough to live within a few miles of both his birth mother and his birth father for a few years. This allowed us to visit not only his birth parents, but his birth parent’s families as well. It is so important to us that we have healthy and loving relationships with his birth families.

When my husband was accepted to a pharmacy program in Ohio, we made an extra effort to stay in contact with Harley’s birth parents in Utah. Technology makes this all possible.  When we visit in person, my phone takes photos of smiles, tickle monster attacks, fast kisses, and long hugs. If we are 1,800 miles away, Harley can carry around my phone while talking to his birth mother on face time, showing her all his new toys and latest watercolor paintings.

I hope you enjoy these photos from our holiday visits with Harley’s birth parents. Some are blurry, others are photos of Skype calls, but to us, they are all beautiful. We love open adoption!