Choosing to Place After Parenting First

Kristy is not alone . . . but she certainly felt alone while parenting her son for the first several months of his life.

Life was tough for Kristy even before she got pregnant. She left home and lived on her own for a year, then met the man who would become Bryson’s father.

Their relationship was short-lived. Unable to pay her rent, Kristy began living out of her car, then finally traveled across state lines to live with relatives.

When, partway through her pregnancy, Kristy realized the baby she was carrying was a boy, she was overjoyed . . .  her extended family was filled with girls and she would be glad to have a child to carry on the family name.

But with little support from relatives, that changed to no support, Kristy’s stress became unmanageable. She realized she wasn’t able to provide the life she wanted her son to have. Although adamantly rejected earlier, the idea of adoption took hold in her heart. Kristy would place her son for adoption after parenting him for four and a half months. The heartbreak of separation was indescribable. But the joy and peace that distilled upon Kristy as she gave her son a better life trumped her personal pain.