Dear Birth Grandparents: We Need You

Going through the adoption process and meeting multiple expectant parents, I have realized what a huge impact these expectant parents’ parents have on whether or not placement happens. Parents, you can offer a huge amount of love and support to your child during the hardest moments in their lives. You can buoy them up, offer encouragement, and share in their tears.  

I recently listened to a Whole Story Panel that was made up of my friend Amanda and her husband, who are adoptive parents, two of their three kids’ birth moms and all three of their kids maternal birth grandparents. Hearing these birth moms and grandparents talk about how adoption has touched their life was amazing! I was in tears the entire time. Hands down, this has been the best and most inspiring panel I have ever heard. Here are a few things that birth grandparents have to say about maintaining an open adoption with their grandchildren.