Haiti Adoption Guide

Haiti is a beautiful island country surrounded by clear ocean water. Most tourists see the sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views. They visit sites and eat Haitian food. They feel the vibrance of this small country. Yet Haiti is among the poorest nations in the western hemisphere, with nearly 80% of the population living in extreme poverty. For this reason, adoption has been a source of hope for many families—a hope that their children may have a future. Either abandoned or relinquished, over 3,200 children have been adopted from Haiti since 1999.

Before you get started with this guide, you’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with the overall process of International Adoption. That means you’ll need to read this guide first—then come back here to get all the inside information on adopting from Haiti.

Slides 1-9 provide background information about adopting from Haiti. Slides 10-20 outline the process. Slides 21-22 include links to more resources on our site that you might find helpful.

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