The International Adoption Guide

So you’re thinking about adopting a child from another country?  Wonderful!  International adoption can bring huge amounts of joy and love to both the children who are adopted and the families who adopt them.


At first glance, the international adoption process can seem pretty overwhelming.  But we promise it’s not so bad– and parents who have gone through it will add that it’s all absolutely worth it.


And that’s why we’ve put together this guide.  In the slides that follow, you’ll learn about the twelve main steps involved in completing an international adoption.  We’ll also provide links to resources that will help you decide if international adoption is right for you, choose a country to adopt a child from, and become a little more familiar with each of the steps involved in the process.


To get inspired before you plunge into the rest of this slideshow, we encourage you to watch this.  It’s one of our favorite videos about a family who has adopted children from around the world. Grab a tissue! It will pull on your heart strings.

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