Is Your Spouse Hesitant About Open Adoption?

Open adoptions are becoming commonplace in the realm of domestic infant adoption. Maybe you are already in agreement, but perhaps you and your spouse do not see eye to eye on what level of openness you are each comfortable with. This is an important discussion to have ahead of time and be honest with each other about. It is critical to never over-promise a level of contact to an expectant parent considering an adoption plan unless you are committed to following through with that agreement.

Openness in adoption exists on a continuum and can be as unique as any other relationship. Many prospective adoptive parents have never had any experience with openness, and their uncertainty is rooted in fear and misunderstanding. Thankfully there are some excellent resources that you can go through together to prompt discussion on the topic!

Were you and your spouse on the same page? If there are additional resources you have found helpful, we hope you will share!

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