“Star Wars” Couple Opens Up About Adoption: She’s a Birth Mom, He’s Adopting

Victor Sine and Julianne Payne are getting married. And Victor is in the process of adopting Julianne’s darling daughter, Addie. Normally this wouldn’t be big news, but this darling family is passionate—not only about each other, but also about Star Wars. So passionate, in fact, that their family outings lately have consisted of donning costumes and taking pictures. Many of these photos have gone viral, which is a blessing in many ways:  Since they became known as “The Real Finn and Rey,” Vic & Julianne’s GoFundMe page is getting more hits and they’re coming closer to reaching their fundraising goals to cover the costs of adoption. Additionally, more people are paying attention to stepparent adoption and to the importance of family stability. As we follow this adorable family, we come to know even more about their connection to adoption.