My Word for 2015 – Nourish

This year, for the first time, I have selected a “word”. It might be more accurate, however, to say that this word selected me.  In past years I haven’t felt the need to focus my energies on a word.  In fact, I’m not even terribly likely to set resolutions at the beginning of each year.  Lest I seem lazy or unproductive, I do have to say that I love a list.  I love making a list, crossing items off the list, and find great satisfaction in a completed list.  My goals that don’t belong on my daily and weekly lists are most often filed and tracked mentally.

As I was in thought at the beginning of that year about a variety of things, including what I wanted 2015 to “look” like it occurred to me that I most definitely DID have a theme.  Unplanned, and quite un-orchestrated, all my hopes and aspirations for the year fall into one neat little category.  In 2015 I will NOURISH.  The more I think about it the more excited I become!   This word will permeate my thoughts, my actions, become tangible in a pillow and a piece of jewelry (of course).  I plan to utilize this word, and its implications to help me make 2015 a fantastic year.   And because it has been on my mind nearly constantly – I’ll tell you how!