The Baby Box

This video makes me cry every single time I watch it. I see those adorable beautiful children and I see how lovingly they are cared for. Those children are welcomed with loving arms into a new life. I do not know the environments they have come from, but they have been placed into a home of safety and love. The terms “abandoned” and “unwanted” are spoken so frequently in this video. Those words make my heart hurt; a lot of this video makes my heart hurt. But it fills it with love too. I see the love that the pastor’s family has for those children, and I see the love in that birth mother’s heart to place her baby into that box.

I am myself a birth mom. I made that heartbreaking decision to place my baby boy for adoption. A metaphorical box if you will. That young girl in the video and I have more in common than most people I know. We both decided our boys deserved more than what we could give them. Isn’t that the job of a parent to give their child everything they deserve? As parents, don’t we try to give our children the best life that we can? Well, a parent’s “best” looks different for every family. While her best may have been a box, the courage and love it took to walk up to that box and–even more–to walk away from it, is courage very few know.

As seen in the video, there is criticism from many sides. But not from me. I am grateful for this family and their service for these children and for their birth mothers. For the love of it.