A mother’s love should be unconditional. A birthmother who places her child for adoption shows this love.  An adoptive mother who looks past physical issues of a child shows this love. This is the story for Austin Lee.

Austin was born with a club foot and many heart issues, according to a local news article. His birthmother was not able to care for his medical issues and he was adopted by Kristi Lee, a woman who struggled with infertility. Regarding his foot, Austin stated, “my foot could wrap around somebody’s arm, it was that bad.”

With the love and support of Kristi, Austin received the medical care he needed to correct the issues with his foot. He now attends school, where he plays football and basketball and runs track. This is after being told he might never walk as a child.

Before his heart condition was remedied, his heart would stop multiple times a night while sleeping.  Because of this, Kristi would stay up the majority of each night to watch over him. Austin stated, “this is the best family I could possibly ask for. How much love they put into me. How much work they put into me to keep me alive, to make sure I was in the best position.”

Not only is Austin grateful for Kristi, he is also thankful for his birthmother. He appreciates her love and sacrifice; he recognizes that she knew she wasn’t able to provide what he needed to succeed.  But, she gave him a mother that could, the ultimate sacrifice.

There are so many options for expectant mothers who feel like they could not appropriately care for their child. There are agencies that will come along, offer emotional support to assist in making the unconditional love decision to place their child for adoption. There are many agencies, photo listings, and websites of families looking and waiting to adopt a child.

The love of mothers is an inspiring act of selflessness. Mothers commit their lives to caring for and giving their children the best life possible. Austin stated it best: “they never ask for anything, that’s what I love about mothers.”