The NSW government in Australia has implemented a new program that does exactly that; it encourages foster parents to adopt the children in their care by speeding the process up. More foster children were adopted after the government reform said Minister Pru Goward.

“The rate of adoptions of children in foster care has almost doubled in the past year, the NSW government says since the fast-track program was introduced. Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward said 127 adoption orders were finalized before the NSW Supreme Court in 2016/2017, after the launch of a four-year, $24 million plan that includes a task force dedicated to reducing the number of outstanding adoption orders.” The program allows adoption of the foster child after one year of being placed with the permanent foster family.

Meredith and Elliott Gordon became foster parents after years of trying to conceive. Only in the foster pool for five weeks, Kathleen, an 8-month old, was placed in their home. Two years later, with the help of this new program, Kathleen is now their daughter.

Renee Carter, Adopt Change’s chief executive, stated, “The latest figures on adoption in NSW are encouraging and indicate a commitment from the state government to implementing urgent reform to ensure permanency and adoption are a priority for vulnerable, at-risk children.”

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