Do we rise early in the morning, anxiously

Peering out our windows, fearing,

That the sun will fail to rise?

Do we fear evening, anxious,

Waiting for the same sun to set?

The sun, in all its glory and purpose is

Created by the same Hand that formed us.

If God promises the sun to rise and set each

Day, will He not promise that our purpose

Will come to pass as well?

Be not anxious. Cast your cares on Him,

Who alone has the power to bring the sun to life.

It is not the sunset we trust, nor the evening

That cometh to set it down again …

But truly the Hand of God.

I woke this morning, with the whisper of

A prayer I’ve said for ten years. Opening

My drapes, looking out at the sun just

Coming up from the east, I thought of my son

Whom I relinquished long ago. I thought of

All my friends who desire to parent, and I thought

Of my sleeping children in nearby rooms.

Captured by the rays of a bright orange sun,

I watched God wake the world. And I realized,

It wasn’t because of my anxiety and worry

That God opened heaven and brought

Forth a new day. No, He brought forth this day

So that I might see His love and trust Him

Completely with it.

Today, I am anxious for nothing.