How could I feel you kick inside me,
How could I watch my belly grow.
How could I carry you, give you life,
And ever let you go?
Because I love you.

Why, if it hurt me so badly,
Why, if I really do care
Why did I place you with somebody else
If I know I can’t always be there?
Because I love you.

When I see you my love, my soul feels light,
When I miss you my heart is so sad.
When I think of your family I remember again,
Why I gave you your mom and your dad.
Because I love you.

Where will I ever find solace?
Where will I ever find peace?
Where will I ever find strength to go on?
These four little words make the anguish cease,
“Because I love you”.

What if, one day, you ask me, “why?”
What can I ever say
What will help you to understand
That I placed you, but think of you every day?
Because I love you.

Who could give you the life you deserve?
Who, if that person’s not me?
Who could love you as much as I?
The parents I chose for you, it’s easy to see
That they love you.

Your family who loves you,
And my family too,
So many hearts that beat
Just for you!
Your story is perfect,
It’s perfectly flawed.
Your story is special
And always remember, this path I have trod
Is because I love you.