Adoption Cost and Newbies

“Adoption cost is one of the important questions many prospective adoptive parents ask when first starting the adoption process. It’s no secret that many adoption options have costs which are very high. Adoption cost, while it is an important aspect that parents need to keep in mind, is also something that can be planned for; it should not be the one reason to rule out adoption.” Adoption Cost

“Don’t let the potential cost discourage you from pursuing your dream of growing your family through adoption. If you are considering a special needs or older child adoption, many adoption agencies offer significantly lower fees because the children are harder to place. It would be in your best interest to inquire with your agency to see if that is the case for those children.” How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Child?

“I got used to it after awhile. Other moms and dads would comment on how cute my kids were and ask about their ages. ‘Wow!’ they’d blurt out. ‘You had them close together!’ I would consult the sky for a second, then offer ‘Well…I didn’t actually give birth to them.’ I would then divulge the story about how my husband and I had made an adoption plan, traveled to Poland, and became the legal parents of three school-aged siblings at the same time. It was usually followed by the wide eyes and the ‘Whoa.’ Most people were too polite to say what they were thinking, but some would let it slip. ‘How did you afford that?’” You Don’t Have to Be a Millionaire to Adopt

“You found yourself wanting to adopt a child and after doing some research you are shocked to find out that the average cost of a domestic infant adoption is over $30,000.  The average cost of an international adoption is between $40,000 and $50,000. That is a lot of money for the average middle-class family. And you have to ask yourself, should adopting a child be this expensive?” What You Need to Know about Adoption Expenses

“No one can tell another person they “should” adopt. That’s a very personal decision couples need to make for themselves. However, there are aspects of adopting that need to be discussed if you are wondering if this is right for you. Here are a few worries that may be keeping you from taking that big step.” What’s Keeping You From Adopting a Child?

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Adoptive Parents and Adoption Cost

“When asked what the biggest hindrance of adoption is for families, many would say the cost. At a glance, the price can be overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop anyone feeling called to adopt. According to Vickie Truelove, director of Hand in Hand International Adoptions, “Though adoptions can total anywhere from a minimal expense through the foster care system to more than $50,000 for intercountry adoptions, there are resources and programs to offset costs associated with the process.” Don’t Let Adoption Costs Stop You from Adopting

“Stepping into adoption, there were so many things that I wasn’t fully prepared for. I often remind myself that I too may have said some of the same things before I understood what I know now. Navigating the comments and questions of others can be tricky. Sometimes, it would be easier to ignore questions altogether, and at times I do. I’ve come to the realization that I am not obligated to answer every question. However, I also think there is a time to be a voice for adoption, sharing truth in love.” I’m Adopting, Not Buying a Child

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Adoption Grants

“With so many funding sources available now for so many diverse families and a variety of circumstances, the question “Do I qualify for adoption grants?” does not have an easy, one-size-fits-all answer. But take heart! What seems like daunting news is also the good news: With a little bit of research (well, okay, maybe a lot of research), chances are that you can find a grant that is well suited to your situation.” Do I Qualify for Adoption Grants?

“There is a plethora of organizations that offer adoption grants to adoptive families to cover costs associated with their child’s adoption. Most of these grants are for amounts between $3,000 and $7,000 which puts a substantial dent in the total out-of-pocket costs for any family. Similar to educational scholarships, many of these grants are based on need and are given to specific demographics.” 4 Types of Adoption Grants You Should Know About

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Adoption Loans

“When we decided to build our family through adoption my husband and I were ecstatic. Eagerly we signed every piece of paperwork and filed our initial applications. Then the reality of the overall cost of our adoption from China hit: $26,000 excluding travel fees. We knew that providing a child with a forever home would be a financial undertaking. The average costs of domestic adoption can range from $8,000-$40,000+ and international from $20,000-$35,000+. Like many families, we didn’t have all the necessary funds for adoption on hand when we began our journey.” What You Need to Know About Adoption Loans

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Adoption Fundraising

“Back in 2012, my husband and I were very new to the adoption scene. We had no doubt that we had been led to look into adoption, but every time we started to gain any momentum, a roadblock would appear. It usually took the form of a huge, green, dollar bill sign. We are just your average-earning household, and the thousands of dollars we needed in order to move forward with an adoption plan seemed so far out of reach. One day, as I was lamenting this huge hurdle with a friend, she said something that forever changed my perspective.” Adoption Fundraising: What You Need to Know

“Even in adoption support communities, the simple question of “How do you feel about fundraising for adoption?” can get varied responses and sometimes even spark arguments and hurt feelings. Why is it such a hot topic? Because like anything else, people have formed opinions based on preferences, experience, comments, feelings, and education.” Adoption Fundraising: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Advice for Affording Adoption

“Some time ago, I got a note on a blog post from a family considering the legal risk placement of a sibling group of four. She wondered how on earth we “make ends meet.” Do my husband and I both work, or are we independently wealthy? Well, neither, and my hubby earns a median income.” Affording Another Child or Children

“We bounced around the desire to adopt for years before we decided to jump all in. Our hesitation was deeply rooted in our lack of funds or income. But once we realized affording adoption is a matter of priorities and self-discipline, we became determined. Our journey to infant adoption was costly, not just because adoption fees are ridiculously high, but because we sacrificed much of our desired lifestyle. Our priorities shifted in major ways; these shifts were hard and even painful at times.” Affording Adoption Is A Matter Of Priorities

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Adoption Assistance

Adoption Tax Credit

“Because of the tax reform bill, there has been a lot of discussion concerning the adoption tax credit. Many people were advocating (or not) to keep the credit for adoptive families. But what exactly is the tax credit and what should you know about the credit as an adoptive parent?” What IS the Adoption Tax Credit?

“Financing an adoption is one of my least favorite topics. I get so frustrated when I meet amazing people who will be amazing parents that are kept from that role because of a lack of financial resources. Thankfully, there are several resources available to help offset the cost of adoption. The one I will focus on today is the adoption tax credit. The tax code is a monster and something I never wanted to think about—so I married a tax attorney. (Full disclosure: that is not why I married him. It just happens to be one of the many perks!) If you have heard death and taxes are the only sure things in life, the adoption tax credit is not included. Here is what you need to know when applying for the credit.” What Should I Know About the Adoption Tax Credit?

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Birth Parents and Adoption Cost

“Life can get expensive. And if you add exploring adoption for your pregnancy into the mix, the price can skyrocket. Most people know that there are adoption expenses when you’re trying to adopt. But some people don’t know that even when placing your child with an adoptive family, there can be ample adoption expenses.” Adoption Expenses for Birth Parents

“There is a true stigma around potential adoptive couples paying for expectant mother/family expenses. Many people look at it as the hopeful couples “buying a baby.” The truth is, there is money involved in adoption. A lot of it. Couples put every ounce of faith they have into each dollar that is given, but I have never met an expectant mother who didn’t appreciate every single penny that these families, never knowing if their families will be complete, have put in the hands of the agency. We, as expectant mothers considering adoption for our babies, are humbled and humiliated by this thought.” Birth Mother Expenses and What You Should Know

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