Early life for Kelvin Lewis and Afonsa Slater of Mozambique was really hard. Both were orphaned at a young age after their respective parents died from AIDS. But before becoming orphans, the boys were friends. With God in their lives, Afonso sees great blessings. It’s not just coincidence, he says, that they ended up the same orphanage.

Not only were they blessed to spend their early lives together—as brothers, more than friends—but adoption landed both of them in the United States, in Arizona, in the town of Gilbert, just two miles away from each other. Besides spending their spare time together, these best friends have supported each other on the same high school soccer team.

And now they revel in the good news that they’ll be attending the same college. “It’s crazy.  Honestly, it didn’t really register how much of a miracle and how amazing this really was until we got here. It’s just wonderful,” Afonso shared with AZ Central. Read the full, miraculous story of heartache, struggle, friendship and miracles here.