At age six, Beth Thomas was featured in a documentary, “Child of Rage.”

In an interview with a therapist, she calmly stated that she wanted to kill her adoptive parents and biological younger brother. The child had exhibited a wide array of deeply disturbing behavior: hurting her brother so badly he had to be hospitalized, torturing animals, destroying a nest of baby birds.

Incredibly, Thomas has overcome her past and is now working with children to overcome similar difficulties.

She was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) a disorder in which “young children fail to make healthy attachments with parents or caregivers due to extreme abuse.” She worked with a therapist who provided intensive behavioral modification therapy which, over a long period of time, was successful.

She is now a nurse and a child therapist. She and her second adoptive mother created “Families By Design,” a company to help families dealing with RAD.  Beth has also written a book, More Than A Thread of Hope. Beth doesn’t want to be known by her past, but now as an effective nurse, author and speaker.

Beth’s story is one of hope and courage.