Bilbruck Adoption from Memory Productions LLC on Vimeo.

This video is the adoption journey of the Bilbruck family. They have already adopted and are working on adopting two more children, this time from Ethiopia.

Their hearts are grabbed by the children they know belong to them. Not knowing how it will all happen, the Bilbruck family absolutely knows that through God, another adoption can happen. Through this video they invite others to be a part of their adoption journey.

With more and more families leaning toward adoption, and adoption being as expensive as it is, many turn to people outside of their family to help. For some, they find that crowdfunding works; for others, spreading their need by word of mouth or social media. Some, like the Bilbruck family, create a video so the world can get to know their family and offer monetary assistance when they feel it’s right.

Beautiful families like the Bilbrucks are excited to bring orphans home and provide loving, forever families.