Wendy was 19 years old when she gave birth to a beautiful little girl 36 years ago. She had been raped and was in no position to be a parent, but Wendy held life sacred and didn’t consider an abortion. So she placed her baby girl for adoption. Heather grew up not knowing her birth mother.

At least, she didn’t know she knew her.

In reality, the two had met at work . . . a decade before learning of their relationship. Wendy and Heather worked in the same department store. Although as coworkers they were not close, Wendy remembers noticing Heather, particularly her beauty and how kindly she treated everyone. The fact that they look a bit alike never occurred to either of them.

Heather was raised in a loving home and, instead of being bitter about Wendy placing her for adoption, she is grateful. “She made a choice to give me a mom and a dad. A lot of people would want to terminate a pregnancy that occurred because of something like that. What an amazing woman she is to make a decision like that.”

The two were recently able to reunite.