One couple’s adoption story has gone viral after a touching photo was submitted to Love What Matters. The picture featured birth mom Felicia Metcalf wiping the tears of Lauren Koller, the adoptive mother of her son. Lauren’s hands were full feeding her baby when tears of joy streaked down her face, so Felicia reached over and wiped them away for her.

Sara Easter, of Sara Liz Photography, shared her feelings about the image. “It is the perfect example of what adoption should be, two families working together to make sure a child’s needs are met. Their roles are different, but they are equally important. My hope is that years from now this little boy will look at these photos and see the legacy of love in which he is a part of.”

Lauren and her husband Mel are happy to have to finally have their son at home with them after a long adoption journey. After meeting their son at the hospital the night of his birth, they had to wait a period of thirty days before bringing him home. The Kollers had been a “family in waiting” since their approval for adoption in 2015.


Adoption had always been in their hearts, even in the beginning of their relationship. The pair was married in 2010, and when traditional methods of building a family were unsuccessful, they sought out education about adoption. Once informed about the process, they chose to use Gladney Center for Adoption. The call they had been waiting for came in April of 2017. The agency told them they were being considered by a birth mother.

The two years felt like an eternity, but Lauren said, “We remained steadfast in our faith that God was going to provide.” The Kollers chose an open adoption so their son could know his past and how much he is loved. They communicate with Felicia through texts, emails, and periodic visits.