In 2008 Heather Williams became pregnant. Through nine months she carried her child, not knowing how everything would play out. Finally, in the winter of 2008, Heather decided to place her child. She found the couple she knew would be her child’s parents. One winter night she met with the couple she had chosen. Although the meeting went well, when Heather returned home she broke down. Could she really give birth? Could she really relinquish her child? The emotional pain was almost too much to bear. Heather fell to the floor and sobbed. At just the right moment—when her despair was so painful she could hardly bear it—there was a knock at her door.

Heather shares the truth in this video that “it may be winter now, but hold on because spring will come.” Most good things come about with adversity attached. Birth mothers are the perfect example of that fact. The goodness of life, the joy of family that birth moms provide is no easy event. Although birth mothers receive the conviction that placing their child is right, it is not without pain. Heather encourages birth moms everywhere to hold on, because it will get better.


Watch the video here: Hold on, Spring will come

“Brene Brown defines courage as the ability to tell your own story with your whole heart. This is me doing just that. If you are experiencing winter in your life, I hope this video is that knock on the door that you so desperately need.”