I'm a father and I really really miss my boy. I miss reading him Bible stories regularly. Because of him I have read the Bible like I haven't in years. When he was here it was like a piece of Heaven came down. I miss all the hugs every morning I used to get before he would go to school. He was only 9 going on 10 staying with us with his older brother. He has been gone for 2 months now and I still miss him every day. I cry alot over his absence. Im the kind of guy who went into burning houses as a firefighter to save peoples lives or tell off a politician in a town hall board meeting. No body touched my heart like this boy did. I look at his school pictures and videos I took of him all the time every day. The good times on the jet ski's tubing. The good times snow boarding. The fun at the YMCA every Sunday. The miles of mountain bike trail rides. But evil does exist - all it does is kill, steal and destroy. The chain of events that lead to his being ripped from my arms made no sense and was totally evil. Bethany Christian Services is the worst-don't ever use them if you have them, change to a different agency. When he came he was suicidal. When he left he was different. The pictures and video show that was not the same boy who came here. If feels like there is no justice in this world - everyone just lies in those agencies who are involved. But he and his brother will be able to find me again easily. I hope they come back. When his brother turns 16 and can drive I really hope they drop by. I still have his bedroom with his name on the door and nothing has been moved around. I really miss my boy.
Annaleece Merrill
I am so sorry you are hurting. No system is perfect, and the foster system is far from it. I hope you reconnect with the boys some day. I am sure you meant a lot to both of them, and they will remember yu always.
I have lost a lot joy since I lost my boy. He was only nine and could fish real fine. Going for walks was never bland as he held my hand. I feel so lame as I go down the driveway calling his name. I get lots of tears because I'm not there to chase away his fears. I would tell him seven times da...