I am very open mined person And very passive and kind and very patience love to teach people now things I am single love to travel to different places in the U.S. Love to find a young Adult that would love to travel with me and learn new things long the way I love to camp going fishing horse back riding I even help out with A T.V. Show best of America by horseback and I want to share that with some one one day Love the outdoors. Live with my mom and dad because of their health. Am looking to Adopted a young man because I lot of them have been lost in the foster system or are living on the street and in shelters with no one to love them Some are gay and are not wanted by there real parents and they were toss out I do not care if you are gay not gay nor about your past. I have a big heart for everyone I do not care if you are black, white, Hispanic. or from other country I am here because I am 46 years old single and I want to Adopted someone that needs one on one person to love them as they are. And if that person needs guidance, structure. needs help or even self Discipline or just need some one to care for him.
Brian Moser
Thank you Vernia peters I hope to find a young Adult boy that needs a daddy
I hope we can talk and get to know each other Brian