I’m 28 years old and looking for a mother figure or father figure to treat me as their family. My birth parents haven’t been in my life in a long time. I have no contact with any family members. The only memories I have of my parents is how they were so mean to me and verbally abused me all the time. Not having a parent figure/family upsets me a lot. I tear up often when I think about it. I get very lonely not having a family. I would love for someone to treat me nice and be there for me. I would like for someone to show me what it’s like to have parents/family since I’ve never really had that. If you want to chat you can email me at
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Whereabouts are you Anita?
Hi Anita I'm looking for parental figures myself but also looking for friends and like minded people who are more on a "sibling or friendship " level. It's good to talk to others who may understand the difficulties because not very many people do when they take their families for granted, they just ...