Hi, I'm new to this web. My name is Matthew from Indonesia and I'm now 24 years old.
I really hope there will be someone out there for us.
Well, 6 years ago I had an MBA incident. Married By Accident, which is such a disrespectful and disgraceful thing in a family, especially when I was only 19 at that time. Parents and relatives did not accept us. Wife also had a broken home.
Me and my wife love babies and every baby is a blessing, therefore it was a big no to do abortion.
We decided to run away from where we were (the capital city Jakarta) to this small peaceful island called Bali. We turned off all social medias and phone.
We only had money to live from selling a laptop and a little scooter.
Long short story we got legally marriage documentation and certification which both parents finally approved.
Since then, there are separation between me and my parents that is hard to explain. Wife cried everyday and I was always there to comfort and pray for strength and forgiveness for our mistake.
So, living in Bali was peaceful as we started from zero, but we had no parently love and care.
Two years later we had a second daughter.
Now, me and my wife Carolina have Hilary 6 years old and Emma 4 years old.
We are living good but just enough for living cost.
So last year I decided to earn more so we could have a better life even though I have to be apart from my only little family.
I made around 3 times better than what I did back home by working as a restaurant attendant in a Cruise ship.
The contract is 8 months away and 2 months home. Being separated was a bad idea.
On my second year I am promoted to Lifeguard now, as I know that life is a such a blessing and I want all children and everyone to be safe on my watch.
I don't have a degree but I am a hard worker as on the ship we never have a single day off for 8 months.
Please do not worry in order to provide our little family their daily needs.
I just want to have a parents who loves unconditionally.
Also for my daughters to have a true grandparents who loves them. I and my wife also still need advices and tender loving care from good parents.
I will be there to take care of you until your old days, the house and gardens, to drive you around and to do your groceries also as a house helper. I never have a bad record and I want to bless people too with my skills and my time.
I am really hoping and praying to have the right daddy and mommy and grandma grandpa for my daughters who really accepts us.
Kindly contact me at
Or whatsapp +6283891181120
So we could talk more about our future.
Prayers and blessings,
Matt and little family.