A new initiative aims to place children at risk of being put in foster care in boarding schools instead. Previous plans like this one have failed, yet the community is hopeful. While it is a great opportunity, some students with inadequate home lives may be insecure and not want attention drawn to them. Others seek solely to fit in, something that may never happen in a school full of dissimilar students.

The best candidates for the project are kids who are positive and resilient. They need good social skills and a talent or ability that helps them fit in. A boarding school can act as a community for someone who needs some stability and support.

Currently only about 100 young people are on grants for boarding schools in London. Boarding School Partnerships, a new Department for Education funded information service, is taking actions to increase that number to 2,000. The key is pitching the idea to local councils for support. Social workers are being encouraged to refer good candidates for the project. The decision ultimately rests on with the school and the council providing funding.

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