James and his dog, Maisy, have something in common: they were both adopted.

Sit down with your preschooler and join James, a young child adopted as an infant, as he explains the story of how he (and Maisy!) came to be a part of his family.

Author Page Pitts adopted her two children in the 1970s, a time when, she writes, “there were hundreds of books about adoption, but very few a parent and preschooler could sit down and read together.”   Her desire to ensure that children are taught to feel positive about their adoptions from an early age prompted her to write a series of books about adoption directed to preschoolers.

One of the joys of this book is that, unlike many adoption-related picture books, it is written from the perspective of the child, rather than the perspective of his parents.  It explains adoption simply and sweetly, in language very young children will understand and relate to.

This book is the first in a series following James and Maisy through all their adventures.

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