Three-year-old Braelynn loves her family. She’s lived with her parents, Tammy and Edward Dalsing since she was three weeks old. While in foster care with the Dalsings, her biological father’s parental rights were terminated. He was in prison at the time of termination. Besides being a convict, the biological father didn’t show he wanted to be a part of Braelynn’s life–according to the judge that terminated his rights.

Now out of prison, Braelynn’s biological father has offered some support and is suing to have his daughter returned to him. If this happens, Braelynn would be forced to leave the only family she knows and live with a man she’s never met. “You can’t take a child off a shelf and dust her off … like she’s a baby doll. Kids don’t have pause buttons,” said Braelynn’s mommy, Tammy.

Tammy and her husband have been gathering signatures (10,000 strong) on a petition. They are hoping that the Governor will step in and fix it so Braelynn can continue with her normal life.

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