(Editor’s Note: These are agencies researched and found by the author. Adoption.com is not endorsing these agencies listed; this is an informative article based purely on the author’s research.)

In the third and final portion of “Child Adoption Centers Near Me,” we will cover the states of Oklahoma to Wyoming in alphabetical order. Find your state below to learn more about adoption agencies and resources near you. While several adoption-centered organizations will be listed, please feel free to comment if you need a referral to an agency in your specific city or area. Feel free to recommend one as well!


Adoption Choices of Oklahoma- This agency provides counseling and guidance to women who have an unintended pregnancy in Oklahoma. They may be able to help with medical and financial assistance, emotional support, and ongoing birth mother support groups. They currently have offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They can be reached toll-free at 1-800-898-6028. You can also request more information by filling out an online form.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services- There are many children in Oklahoma waiting for a loving, permanent home. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a child who is currently in DHS custody, this website is a great place to start. Here you will find information about adopting and fostering in Oklahoma, a photolisting of waiting children, and online forms where you can request more information. You may also reach them by phone at 1-800-376-9729.

Deaconess Pregnancy & Adoption- This agency offers help to any person or family connected with a child’s birth and adoption. They can help families to create an adoption plan as well as helping birth parents and adoptees with adoption reunions later in life. They offer birth mother retreats and birth parent educational grants. Since 1900, Deaconess has helped over 10,000 women with their unplanned pregnancies. For adoptive parents, they offer help before, during, and post-adoption. This includes counseling, family gatherings, and ongoing support. They may be contacted at (405) 949-4200 or at their pregnancy helpline: (405) 397-3140.


Oregon Department of Human Services- Every year, many Oregon children become available for adoption through the foster care system. These children are in need of loving, permanent homes. The Oregon DHS website offers some great resources for those interested in adopting through the state. Find answers to frequently asked questions, see photos and information about children currently waiting to be adopted, and find a step-by-step adoption guide to help you navigate the process. This site also offers a voluntary adoption registry as well as adoption publications and data reports.

A Family For Every Child- This inclusive agency looks to find homes for children that are difficult to place due to age, ethnicity, sibling group, and various types of disabilities. If you are looking to make a difference in the life of a child, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. This agency also provides home studies and a mentor program. For more information, you can fill out their online information form or call (541) 343-2856.

Northwest Adoption Exchange- There is a wealth of information at the Northwest Adoption Exchange! Here you can find a large listing of reputable agencies and learn more about completing home studies. With 10 private agencies listed for the state of Oregon, you are sure to find one in your area. A few of the agencies you can learn more about are: Adoptions of Southern Oregon, Tree of Life Adoption Center, and All God’s Children (International Adoption).


A Baby Step Adoption- This agency helps women facing unplanned pregnancies to explore their options. This agency specializes in newborn adoptions and offers expectant mothers who are making adoption plans financial support, medical care, and transportation to appointments. They offer emotional support and counseling before and during pregnancy, as well as a lifetime of support post-placement. They serve all types of families (single, married, LGBTQ, traditional families, and relative adoptions). They offer complete guidance and support to adoptive families. They offer information on all types of adoption and funding options. For more information, contact 1-888-505-2367.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services- At the PA DHS website, you can find a photolisting of children currently awaiting homes. You can also learn more about the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network, which specializes in finding homes for children who may have more challenges with placement⁠—sibling groups, children over age 5, children with disabilities, and minorities.

Rhode Island

Adoption Rhode Island- The mission of Adoption Rhode Island is to find forever families for children in foster care. So far, they have been able to find homes for over 1,800 of these children! However, hundreds more are waiting. They offer pre- and post-adoption support. For more information, you may contact them via their online form or call the Providence, Rhode Island, office at (401) 865-6000.

Adoption Options- This agency (part of Jewish Collaborative Services of Rhode Island) offers information, counseling, and support for those facing an unexpected pregnancy. Their priority is making sure that expectant mothers receive the services they need, regardless of the final decision they make. In addition to counseling and support, they offer financial, medical, and legal assistance. For adoptive parents, this agency offers infant and child adoptions (both international and domestic). They welcome all types of families and can provide home studies as well as counseling during all stages of the adoption process. They can be reached toll-free at 1-800-337-6513 or via email: peg@jfsri.org

Considering Adoption- This website offers a wealth of information on all things adoption in Rhode Island. Here you can find information on adoption agencies in Cranston, Providence, and Warwick. You can also learn more about fostering, home study services, and adoption laws/qualifications.

South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Social Services- There are currently more than 500 children waiting to be adopted in the state of South Carolina. At the DSS website, you can browse a photolisting of children awaiting their forever families. You can find information on the adoption and fostering processes and learn more about the services and resources available to help you.

Adoption Services- Adoption Services, Inc., can provide information on adoption laws in South Carolina as well as any other state or country. Founded in 1985, they have helped a great number of families and have an excellent satisfaction rating. They have a listing of agencies located throughout South Carolina. They offer an adoption manual that you can download for free. They can assist adopting families with domestic and international adoption. They are available at any time to help those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. They can offer resources to assist with counseling, medical care, legal assistance, etc. All calls are free and confidential. They may be contacted anytime at 1-800-943-0400.

South Dakota

All About U Adoptions- AAUA is committed to empowering everyone involved in the adoption process. They offer open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Expectant mothers who are confused or are experiencing unsure emotions are welcome to call or text (605) 770-2357. This line is completely confidential and available 24/7. They also offer a free pregnancy packet to expectant mothers who fill out their online form. Those looking to build their families through adoption can contact them for domestic adoption, foster care, and embryo adoption services. They also offer home study services and community education on adoption. For more information, contact the number above or call toll-free 1-877-236-9864.

South Dakota DSS- There are many children in state’s custody that are waiting to be adopted. If you have room in your heart and your home for one of these amazing kids, you can really make a difference in their lives. This website offers a link to photolistings and brief descriptions of children currently awaiting families. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions and learn more about topics like the adoption subsidy, adoption records, and adoption resources. You may contact them via their online information form.

New Horizons Adoption Agency, Inc.- Since 1987, NHAA has worked with birth parents, children, and families to create stable foundations. They offer both domestic and international adoption services. They can help expectant mothers to explore their options and decide whether parenting or adoption is the best option in their situation. The South Dakota office is located in Sioux Falls and can be reached at (605) 332-0310.


Catholic Charities of Tennessee- While Catholic Charities of Tennessee, also known as Caring Choices, is religiously-affiliated, they offer their services regardless of religious affiliation. They offer domestic and international adoption services and can assist with independent placements as well. They have a child-centered approach where the “goal is to identify a family for the child, not a child for the family.” Support groups are offered for waiting parents and for families post-placement. Their professional staff can offer an unbiased and caring counseling approach to women facing unplanned pregnancy. They strive to build good relationships between all involved whenever possible. You can find much more valuable information on their website or by calling the main office in Nashville (615) 352-3087 ext. 2181. For after-hours adoption or pregnancy emergencies, call (615) 636-2320.

Hannah’s Hope- Hannah’s Hope is an adoption agency located near Memphis, and they serve families in all of West Tennessee. They offer pregnancy counseling and professional adoption services. Their mission is “to love God’s children by: Helping pregnant women in crisis explore healthy options, providing the option of adopting with a Christian family prepared to parent for a lifetime, and supporting children, pregnant women and families through the adoption process and beyond.” For more information, you may contact them at (901) 327-5560 or email office@hannahs-hope.org.

AGAPE- AGAPE seeks to find forever families for newborn infants and for older children who become adoptable. They also offer foster care training and placement. They offer no cost pregnancy support and counseling to women facing an unplanned pregnancy and may be able to refer them to additional community resources. For more information, contact the main office in Nashville: (615) 781-3000 or fill out their online information request form.

TN Department of Children’s Services- “When children are not able to stay safely in their homes and there isn’t a relative who can care for them, they often have to come into state custody.” While the ultimate goal is for these children to return to their biological families, there are times when this isn’t possible. There are many children in Tennessee waiting to be adopted through the foster care system. If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these amazing children, you can find more information on this website. DCS strives to keep sibling groups together and to keep children as close to their home communities as possible.


Lifetree Adoption Agency- Lifetree Adoption Agency strives to help dreams come true. The founder of this agency is an adoptive mother who has decided to use her experiences to help others. They offer free counseling to expectant parents considering adoption before, during, and after the birth/placement of their child. They offer guidance and support to families hoping to adopt. They offer home studies and match adoptive parents with birth parents who are interested in similar levels of openness. Their phone line is open 24 hours a day: 1-877-GODS-HAND

Adoption Choices of Texas- This agency serves expectant parents who are facing unexpected pregnancies statewide. They offer personal counselors and assistance with living and medical expenses during pregnancy. For hopeful adoptive families, they can answer any questions that may arise, help to create an adoptive parent profile, provide home studies, assist with placement, and offer post-adoption support. Birth mothers may call the Expectant Parent Hotline at 1-855-304-HOPE, or they may text MYCHOICE or HELPNOW to 41411 for more information. Adoptive parents may text TXLOVE to 41411 for more information as well.


A Act of Love Adoptions- This agency strives to create an adoption service that best fits the needs of everyone involved. They offer birth parents counseling and support, assistance with pregnancy-related expenses, living expenses, and legal fees. They may also offer transportation to doctor’s appointments and housing assistance. Post-placement counseling and support are available, too. The agency may help aid the communication between the birth and adoptive parents. For those looking to adopt, A Act of Love Adoptions will help with the entire process. You can request a free application packet and learn more about the adoption and home study process on their website. Their pregnancy hotline can be reached at 1-800-835-6360 or by text at (801) 450-0094. Adoptive families can call 1-888-767-7740.

Utah Department of Child & Family Services- The Utah Department of Human Services believes that every child deserves a permanent home. “Adoption services are used when children cannot safely return to their original homes.” You can check out the Utah Foster Care website to get more information on foster care adoption. For other relevant information like costs, the process of adopting and more, you can visit Utah’s Adoption Connection. At this website, you can learn more about the children who are currently waiting for their forever families.

Adoption Life- Adoption Life is an agency that serves the states of Utah and Idaho. On their website, potential birth mothers can find more information on financial and emotional support, read more about open adoption, and find birth mother advice. Prospective adoptive parents can learn how to adopt and view the costs associated with doing so. There is information on home studies as well. Both birth parents and adoptive parents can watch videos and read stories about adoption and those whose lives are already touched by adoption. Their pregnancy support hotline can be reached at 1-866-806-8990. You can also contact them via their online information request form.


Lund- Lund’s mission is to help children thrive by empowering families to break the cycle of addiction, abuse, and poverty. They offer hope and opportunity to families through education, family support, treatment, and adoption. With three locations in Vermont, they offer counseling to pregnant women, their partners, and their family members. They help educate them on all of the options available to them. They also have treatment options available when needed, as well as an education program. For individuals and couples looking to adopt, Lund offers infant as well as older child adoption services. Lund has a myriad of other resources and services to offer. Their website is definitely worth exploring! For more information, you may call them at (802) 864-7467 or via their online form.

Friends in Adoption- “Compassionate Adoption Since 1982.” Friends in Adoption promotes empowerment, open adoption, inclusiveness, and lifelong support. They can help expecting parents navigate their options in a no-pressure environment. They do not discriminate based on age, race, marital status, ethnicity, religion, physical disability, income, gender identification/expression, or sexual orientation. Because of this, they have a wonderfully diverse group of hopeful adoptive parents. They offer lifelong support to all members of the adoption community⁠—birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptees, and adoptive parents. Check out their website to watch videos, learn more about their events, or to find answers to general questions. They may be reached at 1-800-98-ADOPT.


Adoptions From the Heart- This Virginia adoption agency helps connect birth mothers with hopeful adoptive parents. They offer medical care for the mother and the child and even have an educational scholarship for birth parents available. They offer an e-newsletter for those who would like to stay informed about upcoming events and major adoption news. Adoptions From the Heart has helped over 6,000 families, and they would like to help you as well. They offer domestic adoption services and international adoption home study services. They may be reached at 1-888-608-8373.

Children’s Home Society of Virginia- The Children’s Home Society believes that every child deserves a home. “[Their] mission is to build strong permanent families and lifelong relationships for Virginia’s at-risk children and youth.” They offer infant and foster care adoption services. They also have free post adoption programs such as parent coaching, family support services, and a kid’s club. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-247-2888 or you may fill out their online contact form for more information on any of the services they offer.


A Child’s Dream- Located near Seattle, Washington, A Child’s Dream has been serving birth parents since 1998. They offer one-on-one assistance to prospective birth parents, transportation to appointments, a licensed labor coach, and financial support during pregnancy and post-placement. For those hoping to adopt, A Child’s Dream can help to walk you step-by-step through the process. They may be reached toll-free at 1-800-247-8280. You may also fill out their online contact form for more information.

Washington State Department of Children, Youth, & Families- “In 2017, there were 1350 adoptions of children in custody of Washington state’s child welfare system.” The DCYF believes that every child deserves a stable and permanent family. If you are considering adopting through the state of Washington, this website will help you to find the information you need. Laws, requirements, costs, and other resources are conveniently located within this site.

Catholic Adoption Services of Washington State- Since 1937, the Catholic Adoption Services of Washington state has been providing adoption planning for birth mothers and adoptive placement services for those looking to build their families. You do NOT need to be Catholic to receive services; services are provided to people of all faiths, races, ethnicities, and regardless of a mother’s ultimate plan for her child. For more information, they may be reached toll-free at 1-877-865-5944 or contacted 24/7 at (206) 328-5921.

West Virginia

Children’s Home Society of West Virginia- The CHSofWV provides support services to all members of the adoption triad. “Whether you are considering an adoption plan for your child or you are seeking to be adoptive parents …[they] are here to help you make an informed decision.” In addition to adoption, the Children’s Home Society offers foster parent and volunteer opportunities. To contact one of their adoption social workers, call (304 )345-3894.

Mission West Virginia- This website helps those interested in adoption and/or foster care to connect with agencies in their area. There is currently a listing of 11 agencies/centers that you can browse at your convenience. If you are looking for an agency specific to your county, they would be happy to refer one to you. You can request information here.


Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc.- This licensed adoption agency is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and is able to service the entire state. They work with expectant and adoptive parents and provide services for agency, independent, interstate, relative, stepparent, and LGBTQ adoptions. They offer judgment-free, no pressure counseling to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. They believe that families come in all shapes and sizes, and they do not discriminate based upon religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, age, marital status, income, or fertility status. For more information, you can fill out the online contact form or call 1-866-ADOPTWI

Wisconsin Department of Children & Families- The Wisconsin DCF has many adoption resources available on their website. You can find more information about placing a child for adoption, the Safe Haven for Newborns program, and searching for adoption records. You can also find answers to frequently asked adoption questions and learn how to get the process started. You can find information about becoming a foster parent here as well. To contact DCF directly, call (608) 422-7000.

Adoption Choice, Inc.- This nonprofit agency serves the entire state of Wisconsin. They have a passion for creating families through adoption while focusing on the best interests of the child. They offer compassionate and loving support for birth parents and adoptive parents. They are able to assist with adoption costs for some families choosing to adopt, assist birth parents with schooling, and give lifebooks to children adopted through the agency. There is currently no waiting list for home studies, and counselors are available to assist at your convenience. They offer informational meetings, support groups, and a wide range of adoption services. Feel free to fill out an online contact form or contact the office directly. Birth parents can call 24/7: 1-800-255-6305


Catholic Charities of Wyoming- Catholic Charities of Wyoming has been assisting families of any faith with adoption placements since 1964. They offer services related to infant adoption, special needs adoption, intercountry adoption, and more. They also offer free and confidential help to women facing unplanned pregnancies. They can offer information about community resources as well. For more information or a free brochure, contact 1-800-788-4606.

Wyoming Children’s Society- Since they were established in 1911, the Children’s Society has helped over 6,000 children in Wyoming and Colorado find permanent, loving families. There is no charge to expectant parents for counseling services. Rent, transportation, food, and medical costs may be covered for expectant birth parents as well. This agency offers domestic, international, and waiting child adoption. For more information, call (307) 632-7619.

Connecting Hearts, Inc.- Connecting Hearts offers comprehensive adoption services for the entire state of Wyoming. They strive to provide support and satisfaction for each party involved in the adoption plan. Their website provides detailed information about adoption requirements and frequently asked questions. For more information, call (307) 212-2545.

Is there an adoption agency in your area that you would highly recommend? Feel free to share the information in the comments below. Has this information been helpful to you in searching for an agency or adoption center in your state? Hopefully so. May your adoption journey be filled with learning, laughter, and most of all⁠—love.

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