“I’m just a mother whose children have been torn from her arms,” Kiarre Harris said to the news team who uncovered this shocking story.

Living in the Buffalo, New York area, Harris was not happy with the schooling her two children were receiving. A single mother with full custody of her children, Harris chose to withdraw them from school and teach them at home—homeschooling. And homeschooling is remarkably common throughout the United States.

The problem is, each state has its own rules that must be met in order to be in compliance with educational laws. New York happens to be a state with very strict laws and specific guidelines that must be followed. While Harris believes she followed those laws, documentation shows she has not.

So, her children were taken from her and placed into foster care. She hasn’t even seen them for nearly a month now.

This writer wants to know: “With a shortage of good foster parents, why – oh WHY – are we spending our resources pulling kids out of healthy homes based on technicalities?!?”

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