Meet Cindy Walker and her adorable family. Cindy is a mom. Her oldest child is adopted and she wants young Kinsey, and all other adopted children, to know that adoption is a sweet thing.  And so she wrote this picture book, Some Babies Are Adopted. Cindy touches on three main topics in this book written in such a way that children will understand:

  1. All children are different.
  2. Adoption is a decision made out of love.
  3. Adopted babies are a blessing.

She intentionally made the ideas discussed in this book very broad so that all adoptees and adoptive families will benefit.

Cindy closes the book with a question that will open up discussion in your home:  Do you know someone like this child, adopted out of love? 

To help Cindy with the publishing of her book, or to preorder your personally signed copies of Some Babies are Adopted, click this link.