The Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Kansas was burglarized last week.  Among other things, gifts for local children in foster care were stolen.  KAKE TV reported on the crime, which could leave 34 foster children without Christmas gifts this year.  The church teams up each year with Ember Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk youth through innovative programs and events.  The organization works with 500 children in foster care, helping them through activities and programs such as the Christmas Connection.

The Methodist Pastor, Jordan McFall said in an interview with KAKE “Despite the sadness, it has brought the congregation together in a powerful way to make sure these kids have Christmas.”  Aldersgate agreed to gather gifts for 200 of the 500 children Ember Hope works with.

Anyone wishing to help replace the stolen gifts can contact the church at 316-529-9215.