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New Book for people adopted for anyone thinking of adopting. Being found is not always the best.
New book for people adopted or thinking of adopting a baby. Avail through Amazon soon!
Little Sylvie, an Unforgettable Adoption Story...
Sylvie always thought it was a great thing to be adopted. She was unique, special. Her parents saved her life. She was in a filthy orphanage and was not growing or gaining weight as she should. Sylvie nearly starved to death, but that's not the main story here. Being found by her birth-mother while studying law caused extreme trauma and redirected her life forever.
This story was based on Sylvie’s life, more specifically, her adoption. All of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of Sylvie’s family and friends. Sylvie is her original name, but her name was changed upon adoption. If you are adopted or have adopted a child this one's for you.