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“I would adopt if it weren’t so expensive.”
"Have you heard that before? You’ve probably said it yourself, hence why you are here. Possibly you are dabbling with the idea of adopting but aren’t sure you can afford the outrageous fees. Maybe you are already confident adoption is for you, but you are clueless as to how you’ll finance it.
It’s possible you are considered low income working as a photographer (that’s me!), or high income with a career as a doctor, or even an average-medium income working a desk job that “just pays the bills” and a bit more. No matter your income or salary, adoption fees appear unrealistically large and even impossible leading you to wonder if “a youth pastor and part-time photographer like us” could afford to adopt. That was who we were when we decided to jump into adoption: a youth pastor and very part-time photographer.
Whatever the reason you find yourself reading this book, I am glad you’re here and I hope this little book helps you feel confident as you approach financing your adoption."
Get the book here: https://www.nataliebrennerwrites.com/books/
What an awesome resource!