Ten-year-old Xavier J. Brothers-Bartholomew was placed in foster care along with his five siblings in 2012. The parents are in prison following the death of their infant son due to malnutrition. After pleading guilty to two counts of child endangering, both the mother and father were sentenced to five years in prison. Xavier and his siblings were removed from the home and placed in foster homes. Many of the children have been hospitalized for their medical issues related to malnutrition and to a genetic disorder that all but the oldest have.

The surviving children were all thriving in their foster homes, actually doubling their weight. But just last week, Xavier died while in his foster home. Paramedics were called to the home and found the boy in full cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Xavier’s foster home was visited weekly by medical professionals and social workers, and his foster parents were trained to care for his special needs.

It is believed that Xavier died of natural causes, but the investigation is continuing. The full story may be read at ABC News.