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How do you handle the inappropriate comments?
Okay, this family might not quite be artificial twinning, but how cool is that three sets of twins (two sets adopted, one set Biological) all share the same birthday! Like this story if you think it's...
Did you know Law and Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay is an adoptive mother? Did you know her adopted children are also irish twins? Watch this video to hear their adoption story! #irishtwins #artificial...
Have you seen this family's story yet? They adopted four children from foster care that were all the same ages as their biological children. Their family doubled in size!!
I had never heard of artificial twins before, but how cute and fun (and probably a little difficult) this would be. But how cool is it that they'll get to grow up so close together?
"For us, the benefits of twinning far outweigh the negatives. Our boys are best friends, and I hope they continue to be as they grow. "
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