Ki Souron

Lives in Kansas City,  United States · Born on November 9, 1979 · Male
About Me
I am an agender adult male. I appear male, but have a personality leaning toward typical female. I am a gamer geek.
I have adopted an adult before, and am looking to do so again. My parenting style is a lot like a typical mom. I do want to be involved in my child's life. I have nearly no typical male traits and don't make a good typical dad. I have a distinct lack of understanding about men.
All my friends are women, and most of them are family to me. Anyone becoming involved with me also has to know they get a couple non-official aunts or sisters. Also, my own mother wants to be involved with any grandchild, and says she expects phone calls.
I sleep days, and I am not sure if that is important or not, but I am up all night.
I got most of my eyesight back a couple years ago, and really enjoy art. I still have some issues seeing it right, but fantasy art is my favorite. Nene Thomas and Ruth Thompson are amazing.
I also like most music except 99% of country. Adult alternative is probably my genre the most. I also love Lindsey Stirling. I had a live Pirate band at my wedding (The Sea Doggs). Most of my other tastes are considered by most to be "girly".
While I am a single man, I am also non-monogamous. Who knows if I will be dating more than one person in the future. I don't expect you to attach to them as a parent, but the idea may be weird for some.
I am different when it comes to religion, and hard to explain, but I tend to get along very well with Pagans. I don't push my beliefs on anyone. While I am vaguely Christian, I don't do anything much with Christians or the religion. The bad ones who try and shove their beliefs down everyone's throat have given the religion a bad name. Instead, I tend to celebrate with my Pagan friends. I have Yule instead of Christmas, but then I have Christmas for my mother too. You would be invited to both.
I do have drawbacks that I will put right out front to anyone interested.
I am serious about adopting again, but it needs to be someone who feels right for me, and I feel right to them.
I don't know if you are still looking, but I would be glad to talk with you and see if we are a match. I can't really tell where you are from, and so distance may be an issue. That being said, I have ...
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